5 Writing Desks With Staying Power

5 Writing Desks With Staying Power

Maybe its because I’m a classicist at heart or maybe its because writing desks take me back to an era of romance where putting a pen to paper was an art form–but could there be anything more lovely than a stately writing desk in your office? Today, our modes of communication are hurried and robust that it […]

Modern, Classic & Couture

In the midst of pulling together the soft finishes for a kitchen project; I thought I’d share a ‘go-to’ source with you.  Although a classicist at heart; its always in my nature to throw in a mix of modern to edge things up a bit. A line that consistently puts a modern twist on tradition is Quadrille.  Certain you have seen […]

Blue, White & Classic Design

 Black and white with a mix of pop art hues are certainly the trend for Spring 2014 from Ralph Lauren to Céline.  Although, I must admit the Resort Collections with blue and white are more exciting to me.  I absolutely love blue and white, even better with a touch of gold…a classic I go back to every time. […]